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The Roberts Centre 

March 19, 2021 04:55pm
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Yesterday I handed over a donation of tinned fruit and packet custard to Nicola from the Roberts Centre. Last week, Nicola came in shopping for the centres food bank and was talking to her checkout operator Sue explaining what she was buying all the food for. Sue then came and found me and asked if we were able to help them with a donation. I looked into the centre and was of course happy to know we could help them. So I quickly got together a donation of sweet items to help make up more food parcels. Nicola had already delivered 7 emergency parcels yesterday morning before coming to me and then heading back to the centre to make up more parcels. The centre have been providing food parcels throughout the pandemic as well as working hard on lots of other things. It was a pleasure to meet Nicola and know that our small donation would be part of such a Big project that helps so many people. 

The Roberts Centre  | Asda Portsmouth
The Roberts Centre  | Asda Portsmouth

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