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Thanks from Blacon Community Store

By Rachel O'Brien (Asda Queensferry)
August 25, 2020

I was able to meet with Jamie Ducker from Blacon Community Store, who receive regular food donations from Asda as part of our Fight Hunger Create Change campaign.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the group, I will let Jamie tell you all about their work. Here is what he had to say "Blacon Community Store provides food to vulnerable families living in areas of high deprivation. While they collect their food, we also help with a range of health and social issues. 

Volunteers are trained to connect people to organisations and services linked to the Store that can hep with mental health, housing, employment, debt advice, support with children and social isolation. We currently provide free food parcels to over 500 people per week. The help and support that we have received from Asda Queensferry enabled us to do this, and make a significant difference to the lives of many vulnerable adults and children who otherwise would have gone hungry and without the support to deal with their problems. We are extremely grateful for everything that Asda Queensferry has done to help us make a difference."

Blacon Community Store collects food donations from Asda Queensferry four times per week. Thank you to Jamie and his colleagues for the care they ensure their clients receive. It makes me very proud to work for a company that can support groups like this and make a real difference to people's lives.

– Rachel, Asda community champion