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Rhyl colleague Diane has wavy locks cropped to raise money for Tickled Pink

By Lisa Harrison (Asda Rhyl)
March 22, 2021

Well done to our fantastic checkouts colleague Diane Evans who's had her wavy locks cropped short to raise money for our Tickled Pink breast cancer charity campaign which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Diane, who's worked at the store for 11 years, said,: "I really needed a haircut but because of lockdown I couldn't go anywhere so I thought I'd let my husband James do it and I could raise money for Tickled Pink at the same time! Colleagues and members of my family have been so generous and so far I've raised more than £550. This is the shortest I've ever had my hair. It's nice and cool, but I do miss my fringe!" The store's deputy manager Vicky said: "We're all really proud of what Diane has done for Tickled Pink. She just came in one day and just said she'd like to have have hair shaved to raise money."