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Pulling together to bring groceries to our customers 

By Christine McWilliams (Asda Southampton)

Our colleagues have been going to huge lengths to provide for our customers during these unprecedented times – and they're all heroes! 

We've got lorries bringing the deliveries (our ambient comes from Didcot and our chilled/frozen from Bedford), and colleagues unloading lorries to place where other colleagues need for different departments, to keep our shop floor shelves as full as possible. Our home shopping shopping colleagues get groceries to the doors of customers, especially the ones who can't come out. Our colleagues on front end serve customers, and many other colleagues play important roles all with social distancing including security which some are outside of front store. I'd like to give a shout-out to our store manager Catherine, who had only been at our store for four weeks when this all started, and has had to construct all communications,, manage the store, assess store safety, training and get PPE equipment.

– Christine, Asda community champion