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Friendship & healthy minds are helping these lovely ladies get through it😊❤️

By Wendy Border (Asda St Leonards on Sea)
October 07, 2020

Going through this pandemic can feel very lonely – but not for Barbara, Lorna, Tina and Sandie, who've become great friends through sharing puzzles with each other. 

It all started when one of their neighbours sadly passed away. They helped clear the house and came across a load of puzzles which they were told they could have. Lorna was talking to Barbara about how much she enjoyed doing them and Barbara asked if she could borrow one. Then Tina got involved and then Sandie brought some more in and so on and so on. 

They pass the puzzles around and keep a note of who's had the puzzle and whose turn it is next to try it. Once the puzzles have been done by all of them, they're then donated to a local charity shop for someone else to have some fun.

All the ladies have said these puzzles and the friendships that have been formed between them have really helped them get through the pandemic. Considering they didn't know each other before joining Asda, it is lovely to see how they have all bonded.

– Wendy, Asda community champion