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Asda Stores Limited (Asda) - COVID-19 Risk Assessment

May 29, 2020 00:59pm
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UK citizens, businesses and the wider world are facing an unprecedented threat from the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a leading retailer it is vital that we continue to supply customers with essential foodstuffs, medicines, and other items at such a difficult time.

This document provides a summary assessment of Asda’s approach to reducing the risks associated with COVID-19, so far as is reasonably practicable. This approach extends to reducing risk to our customers, colleagues and others affected by our operations across the United Kingdom.

This also considers our position as an essential business required to maintain a service to customers in a time of great need. In determining appropriate control measures, Asda has regard to relevant Government guidance. Asda will continue to review its control measures as Government guidance develops.


Throughout this unprecedented situation Asda has consulted and taken feedback from several key stakeholders including:

• Customers.

• Government departments including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England.

• GMB union partners.

• USDAW union partners (Northern Ireland only).

• Colleague and management representative bodies; and

• Trade and industry bodies.

This has assisted Asda in designing and implementing the controls which are summarised below.

Risk Controls

Asda has implemented a number of key risk controls across its stores, depots and offices which can be summarised as follows:

Social Distancing

• Physical screens placed in key areas of the workplace, as required.

Cleaning the Workplace and Personal Hygiene

• Increased cleaning regimes for high touch contact areas,

• Anti-microbial coating applied to touch points,

• Sanitising equipment for use by colleagues and customers,

• Hand gels and handwashing facilities available for colleagues and customers,

• Face coverings for shop floor colleagues in line with national guidance,

• Mandatory PPE facemasks, gloves, aprons, and eye protection for higher risk tasks,

• Disposable gloves and face masks available to all colleagues who wish to wear them; and

• Visors available to colleagues in certain roles.

Managing Customers, Colleagues and Contractors

• Management structures allow oversight and regular supervision of the control measures,

• Management teams who are briefed/trained on the relevant guidelines,

• Monitoring programme to ensure compliance with risk controls,

• Communication via posters, tannoy announcements, training, and videos,

• Provision of adequate ventilation and monitoring CO2, to ensure ventilation standards are maintained; and

• Contractor control processes in place.

High-risk Colleagues

• Completing individual assessments of risk for those colleagues classed who are higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19

Risk Evaluation and Results

Based on our evaluation of the current controls, the risks associated with COVID-19 are reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable across the Asda estate (stores, depots, and offices).

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