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What a fantastic job!

By Elizabeth Arbuckle (Asda Toryglen)

Fernhill First Monday club have brought together local groups in the area and  organised an ongoing community project due to Covid 19. The project has been funded solely by the people of the community. They supply and deliver up to 60 bags to the pensioners in the Fernhill area.

There has  been a great response from the pensioners who are shielding just now and every week are delighted to talk to people in the community even though it is from a distance. For most, this is the only contact they have from week to week.  It also enables the volunteers to check on the person to see if they are ok  and also give them any community news.. This project has also let the volunteers give  details about community activities and promote community groups.

This has been a huge community effort and we are delighted to help and support our community and add to their efforts when it is needed. We are all working together, building stronger communities. - Elizabeth, Asda Community Champion