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Monday  thanks!

By Liz Cotterill (Asda Warrington)

Monday is nearly over but certainly our colleagues are still working hard all over the country!

My monday thanks goes to all our wonderful colleageus here in at Asda Warrington!

Weve got bakery team who help me arrange the fresh bread delivery for the local Salvation Army every monday, despite COVID19 they open every morning to provide breakfast and packed lunches for those on need. Thanks John, Ian & Kelly! @eleykelly @liv_lomas_

Jade our home shop colleague who always is around to help me carry anything I need - esp when I am filling the foodbank trolley for those in need - thanks Jade! @jadeedonnellyy

Many thanks to Claire, Kerry, Sandra, Sue, Susan & Sam who for weeks have been feeding our store team with yummy treats and well earned bacon barms! You ladies rock! @cegarrett32 @kerry.francis.79

Thanks to the security team Heather & Becky for supporting me to give out our thanks you to the NHS packs - "take a break on us!" Every monday, Wednesday and Friday morning - you're amazing! @mrsthompson13

Lastly thanks to my own beautiful mum for helping me put together craft packs for colleagues children and donating lots of things from her craft room to help support our colleagues in this strange time. Love you mum!

Well what a busy monday it's been again, check in later in the week,

Liz 😀