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By Liz Cotterill (Asda Warrington)

So proud of Emma Green and Sandra Chorlton for their new project Craft in Mind, which is a Mental Health Group, Sent up to support those in need during COVID-19 and beyond.

The aim of the group is to promote self worth, health and well-being, through crafts and reading as well as food parcels for those in need.

This is a community group for anyone who needs support, not everyone is in need but also not everyone in need is getting any support and many people have slipped through the net.

They are based at Cockhedge Centre- the old scope shop, on the bingo hall side of the centre. Anyways they are looking for donations of anything crafty, any games, books, jigsaws, food, toiletries and magazines.

Today we donated enough for 30 meals and snacks, cards, magazines and craft items to start them off. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but everyone has to start somewhere!

If you can donate, you can drop off to them or us when your doing your shopping anyways.

Well done ladies, very proud of you!