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Thank you Warrington

By Liz Cotterill (Asda Warrington)

Good morning! I sent this message out to all our groups and good causes. I know that they're working incredibly hard and we want them to know that we're still here for them!

Dear friends,

I just wanted to drop you an email to see how you are, make sure your keeping well, and checking in!

Goodness knows its been a real turbulent time since Lockdown begin, we have had to all change the way we work, and live because of these unprecedented times.

I wanted to thank you for all keeping going with what your all doing for Warrington!

I've seen some fabulous work out there with social distanced food drops, phone meetings, Zoom calls and supporting with food parcels for the vulnerable, craft packs for children, Zumba Zoom calls and Face book live groups. I know many schools as well as community groups are now becoming more hubs for families too, so thank you too.

We've all had to adapt and change and support our friends and family and neighbours in many different ways we didn't know before. We have all been effected in some way by COVID19 and I want to send my love and support to those who need it right now.

You and your teams are absolutely amazing! Please keep going, it won't be like this forever and your efforts do not go unnoticed! The kindness and resilience of our community has been the one major thing that has shone through in this pandemic. Well done!

I want you to know we are still here, still working in stores and keeping our communities safe as well as donating goods and helping make a change for good with our COVID19 grants.

Please please, get in touch and let me know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help, if there is something your trying to source and having trouble, if you need donations for your group or school, let me know, if your struggling...........I know we can help connect you to each other too.

Keep up the wonderful work your doing, hoping to see you soon.

– Liz, Asda community champion