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Community work

July 24, 2020 05:36pm
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Busy busy day today with lots of meetings on phone, on Zoom & in person! So good to be getting back to our Colleague Voice team meetings, helping make change for good in our store!

Here's a bit about what we've been doing for community!

We have still done some great work both nationally&locally;

Donated 250,000 medical face masks to care homes nationwide – INCLUDING The Old Vicarage, Birch Court, Lea Court, Hollins Park, Arbury Court, St Marys Hospital

In past 17 weeks we’ve Created 850 craft packs for colleagues children & for children’s ward with more free on the community board

Green Token Giving because of the dangers of spreading covid19, we had to suspend the Q1 vote (J-M 2020) with winners being visually awarded rather than removed&weighed as usual - 1st Place – Creating Adventures 2nd – Friends of St Monicas School 3rd – Warrington East District Scouts&the GTG has been suspended until further notice.

We’ve supported assisted shopping in those early weeks, for the vulnerable& community groups who needed to access vital supplied.

Asda Advert – special thanks to Claire for her support with it on such a confidential&time sensitive project!

Currently no fundraising is allowed to be done in store but thank you so much to Emma who has continued with her payday quiz!

Craft – we have still supported Warrington Friendship Group to make masks for keyworkers&Ear Savers – thousands have been donated!

Donated £1,328.43 worth of goods - food, craft supplies clothing, refreshments, food bank, supplies to care homes, NHS, schools, charities, good causes&many community groups all trying to support out community for e.g; St Margaret’s Hub, Helping Hands, St Barnabas Primary, Craft in Mind, Friends of Meadowside, WHHC, WHHNHS, St Roccos, The Salvation Army, Oakwood Primary – we’ve taken on Birchwood Area as well

Awarded £2,108.57 in Asda Foundation COVID19 Grants to five good causes – St Roccos, St Margarets, Friends of Meadowside, WHHC, Church of Ascension Birchwood

Total grant funding we have awarded in 2020 is £3,008.57!

Total donations made to our community so far is £4337!

If you know of any groups, schools good causes then tell them!

[email protected]

Community work | Asda Warrington
Community work | Asda Warrington

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