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A big well done to our home shopping delivery driver Damian for making sure four-year-old Chelsea fan Amarii – who has asthma and is self-isolating at home with his mum – got the football he desperately wanted.

Amarii's grandma Linda wrote to our West Swindon store to thank Damian for his "act of kindness", sharing this picture of Amarii with the ball and saying: "My daughter Jamila ordered a football for Amarii online with the weekly shopping, but when the driver Damian arrived the only thing that was missing from the shop was the football as it was out of stock." Two days later Damian returned to the house in his own time and dropped off a ball which he'd bought with of his own money after finding out that some new stock had arrived at the store. Linda said: "It was such a lovely gesture. My grandson was thrilled to bits with the ball. We can't thank Damian enough." Rob, our home shopping section leader, said: "Great work Damian and a great example of how even during this unprecedented time we are still thinking of our local community."