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Bread in a bag over Zoom

By Emma Bradbury (Asda Worksop)
March 09, 2021

It was lovely to be able to play teacher for a while whilst we had both in class and home schooled children from Kingston Park Academy take part in a virtual bread making  class that we did over Zoom. 

We donated all ingredients, including gluten free and a well deserved snack of fruit, as we thought the children deserved a break from learning and needed a little fun. I was so pleased to see how much this activity raised their spirits and mine. One parent told the school her child had been feeling very overwhelmed and emotional that morning, which was unlike her.  She said the activity had really given her a boost. The school also told me how many nice comments they had received.  This is one of the things I love about my job! 

– Emma, Asda community champion