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Donation for Johannesburg Gardens Community Centre

By Donna Kitto (Asda Wythenshawe)
August 03, 2020

Eric and Jean from Wythenshawe's beloved Johannesburg Gardens Community Centre popped into our store to collect a donation of goods which will allow them to put some 'keep in touch' packages together for their service users.

The centre hasn't been able to operate as usual throughout the pandemic and a lot of the service users are classified as vulnerable or extremely vulnerable. However, Eric and Jean have continued to support and keep in touch with their group, even going as far as delivering hot, home made meals if needed! What a pair of superstars! 🌟

Our donation means that each service user will receive a bag of activities and a little treat inside to remind them that their group is waiting to see them when it's safe to operate again and that they've been missed! 

– Donna, Asda community champion