Our Aberdeen Beach store's colleagues stepped in to help when a local nursery’s giant Asda gnome was destroyed by vandals.

Four-year-old Louise McGillivray (pictured above, second left) was one of the children who was upset after their gnome was broken and mentioned it to her uncle David Wright, who's a section leader at the store.

He spoke to community champion Erin Campbell, and the pair arranged to personally deliver two new gnomes to Bramble Brae Nursery – to the delight of the children.

Nursery nurse June Ritchie said: "One of the gnomes was broken by vandals and the kids were devastated really. It was a shame as we put a lot of work into the school’s gardens.

“The kids are just delighted with the new gnomes. We’re very grateful to Asda and Erin for bringing the gnomes over – it’s really kind.”

David said: "Louise told me she was saving up her pocket money to buy a new gnome, but I used to be community champion so I thought we might be able to help Louise and the kids out. I spoke to Erin and she arranged for us to be able to donate two of the gnomes.

“I went to the school with Erin and the kids were absolutely ecstatic when they saw the gnomes. It was brilliant for me too – Bramble Brae was my primary school so it’s great to do something to help my local area.”

Erin said: "I walked in with David and we explained to the children that we’d heard their gnomes had been broken – we didn’t want to say vandalised because they are so young.

“As soon as we brought in the new gnomes their eyes widened and they said, ’wow!”

Louise’s mum Leeanne said: "They were all really upset when the gnome was vandalised, but all of their faces lit up when David and Erin walked in with the new ones.

“She came home and said, “uncle David has got us some new gnomes”, she was delighted."