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Our new High In Protein range is perfect for a healthy post-workout dinner

July 12, 2017 09:34 AM

Asda product manager Georgie Chamings writes about the inspiration behind our High In Protein ready meal range – and shares some of the things people are saying about it on social media.

We developed the High In Protein range for people trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, not just those trying to lose weight.

Some people are following a trend that’s more protein, less carbs. Gym go-ers want more protein in their diet as well. Whereas other retailers will have high-in protein meals as part of their everyday range we’ve opted for a “high in protein” range. We’ll include things like a full chicken breast or a full salmon fillet. High in Protein leads to other health trends like high-in veg. For example, the Lamb & Spinach Cassoulet is three of your five a day.

We’ve worked with people who are into fitness, so we know they look at grams of protein – which means more to them than percentage on pack. There’s a perception that ready meals aren’t healthy. These are fully balanced meals, good for you and tasty. And they’re lower in salt than the FSA guidelines.

My personal favourite is the Wild Salmon and Mixed Bean Rice (pictured adove) which is high in Omega 3 and one of your five a day. It’s got an oriental twist, it’s quite tangy in flavour with edamame beans and kale and nice crunchy rice – lots of different textures!

The Thai green curry is another big hit. We sent Durham fitness blogger Father Fitness some to try and he posted this photo on Instagram saying: “Loving the new @Asda High-in Protein ready meals. Only £3! Here’s the Thai Green Chicken Curry & Rice, which was easy to prepare, delicious and healthy.”

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Personal trainer and fitness model Chris Hutchinson says our new range of High-In Protein meals are “fantastic” and have been keeping him “on track” for the past few weeks. Chris, 29, is training for a physique competition at the end of July.

And the range is great for people short on time who want a quick healthy meal. Samantha Graham said: “So felt lazy and bought this from @asda expecting it to just be a bog standard ready meal with loads labels making out it's healthy and tasty just to turn out bland, but I was so wrong! Was tasty and was healthy! Would recommend these to everyone!!!”

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Here’s what other customers have been saying about the range:

We sent some food and fitness bloggers some of the meals to try. Here's what they said:

The range comes in fresh new packaging so you can see the product before you buy and also includes Fajita Chicken Taco With Sour Cream Drizzle, Lamb & Spinach Cassoulet, Beetroot, Feta & Lentil Risotto and Chicken Tagine & Cauliflower Cous Cous. The meals are currently on offer at just £3 each. You can find them in store and online now.