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The magical appeal that makes unicorns fly off the shelves at Asda

George homeware designer Natalie Ratcliffe has been making lots of our customers very happy with a series of popular unicorn-themed products. Here she writes about the appeal of the mythical creature.

By Natalie Ratcliffe

July 21, 2017 09:00am
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Natalie Ratcliffe – Designer
Natalie Ratcliffe – Designer

What is it about unicorns that gets so many people excited – and means everything unicorn just flies off the shelves at Asda?

I think it’s because unicorns give us a sense of something magical and special – and we feel there’s a real need for that in our lives right now.

They appeal to people of all ages – including those with childhood memories of favourite things like My Little Pony.

I love to see all the pics from customers sharing their products on social media – people just can’t resist sharing photos of their latest unicorn purchases from Asda.

We've just added some new unicorn products to our George Homeware collection, including bedding, cushions and throws, ornaments and bathroom accessories – and it hasn't taken people long to notice. Here are some of the latest posts I've seen about the range:

New Unicorn Bathroom Set from ASDA! (Thanks Louise)🦄 #unicorngifts #unicorn

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Sometimes all you need is a unicorn 🦄 #unicorn #asda

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Our unicorn mug earlier this year was a huge hit – Clare was just one of hundreds of people who posted photos on Instagram and Twitter and said things like: “Sometimes all you need is a unicorn”.

And who could resist our unicorn towel when you saw some of the cute photos customers shared of babies’ bath times.

I’ve also seen lots of people sharing photos of their unicorn-themed bedrooms – including our bedding featuring unicorns flying in space.

Although unicorns are legendary creatures they’ve been written about in natural history accounts since ancient times – Roman writer Pliny the Elder said: “The unicorn is the fiercest animal, and it is said that it is impossible to capture one alive.”

A brilliant new food trend... unicorn toast!
A brilliant new food trend... unicorn toast!

The magical rainbow unicorns of more recent times are anything but fierce. One of the new trends they’ve inspired this year is Unicorn Toast – it's all natural and simply made by combining different fruits and flavours with yogurt. Matcha, turmeric, raspberries, blueberries and banana have all been used to create this smashing rainbow effect – get the recipe here. I’ve been picking up on the trend and we’re currently working on a range of new unicorn tableware.

So for all those unicorn fans out there, I’ve got lots to look forward to!

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