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Amazing 102-year-old Elaine still pops in to shop at her local Asda

August 31, 2017 11:52am
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Meet amazing 102-year-old great-grandmother Elaine Sutcliffe, who’s still a regular shopper at our Halifax store – and brings a smile to the face of colleagues like our community champion Amanda Clegg.

Amanda and Elaine
Amanda and Elaine

Elaine, who lives independently in sheltered accommodation, catches the Access bus to the store with friends and neighbours.

She was born on 7th July 1915 and has lived in Halifax all of her life, working as a shorthand typist before retirement.

She’s received three telegrams from the Queen since she turned 100 – one on every birthday.

She said: "Amanda is very kind and helpful – they all are. Customers are too.

Elaine and Amanda
Elaine and Amanda

“Everybody asks me what the secret is to a long life but there isn’t a secret. You just need to keep going for as long as you can, and do your best.

“The residents join together to played cards every Monday night and I enjoy that. We play for fun, not for money!”

Elaine’s husband Claude passed away 17 years ago. She has one daughter, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Her friend and neighbour Doreen McSharry, who joins her on the Access bus to the store every week, said: "She’s an amazing lady. She never complains. She goes to church every Sunday, and she’s been learning braille as she’s partially sighted.

“You can have a laugh with her – she sees the funny side of things. She’s just a wonderful lady.”

Amanda said: "Elaine is my 102-year-old buddy. While I’m helping her with her shopping she tells me the secrets of life and tells me to “Hashtag don’t give a damn”! She told me she likes to surf the web.

“She’s the best – we have a real giggle in the aisles!”

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