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Our new fish range is packed with inspiring family mealtime options

September 25, 2017 12:37 PM

We’ve added 23 delicious new easy to cook dishes to our fish range – and they all come with the Marine Stewardship Council logo so you know they come from sustainable sources.

You'll find the range in the chilled aisle. It combines dishes that are a twist on family tea time favourites, including chunky fish fingers in a tomato ketchup breadcrumb and Popcorn Cod Bites – a trio of bite-sized cod pieces in garlic and herb, salt and vinegar and spicy buffalo chilli breadcrumb flavours – as well as spicy options like Salt and Chilli Calamari rings, Indian Spiced King Prawns and Curried Cod Bites.

Our seafood buying manager Kay Woods said the new range was developed to give customers lots of tasty but simple family mealtime choices.

She said: "Customers tell us they want an easy midweek meal that's fuss-free, easy to cook and without having to worry about bones or filleting, as that often puts people off.

“We thought we needed to expand our chilled fish range and offer our customers more choice – for instance this is the first time we've been able to offer chilled fish fingers.

"We wanted everything to be quite fun, family friendly, great for the kids, great quality and an easy, fuss-free midweek dinner option at a great price."

It was the mission of creating something fun that children will love which resulted in the creation of our ketchup fish fingers.

Kay said: “The idea is that you don’t need to add anything else to them . They needed to be something kids would love but adults could enjoy as well – so not overly sweet, which we feel we’ve achieved. We think customers will love them – and find that they’re a great way to enjoy fish. The breadcrumb has a good tomato flavour but isn't overpowering – a bit more subtle than bottled ketchup."

The new chilled fish range features redesigned packaging, as well as the Marine Stewardship (MSC) logo to show that the fish is from sustainable sources.

Our frozen and chilled fish technical manager Stuart Smith said: "The MSC are an independent charity and they certify fisheries as sustainable. The certification is based on stock assessments, having a managed legal fishery and minimising environmental impact. It's a very credible scheme and logo.

"Sustainability is a much more visible issue these days and it’s important to give customers the information they want and need so they can make informed purchase decisions. The MSC logo is an independent stamp to say the fish has been sourced responsibly from well-managed fisheries."

All fish used in Asda food products must be sourced responsibly. Our wild-caught sources are assessed using the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership database - and published annually as part of their Ocean Disclosure survey.

Our farmed fish is sourced via one of three independent schemes – Global Aquaculture Alliance/Best Aquaculture Practice, GlobalGAP Aquaculture Standard or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.