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Our new cosmetics range is getting people excited on social media

Our new range of cosmetics has been making headlines for offering great quality at a fraction of the price of many famous brands. Natalie Tyson from our cosmetics team writes about our new make up…

By Natalie Tyson

October 10, 2017 10:16am
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We set out to create a really good range that’s best in the market for own-brand cosmetics, and really believe that’s what we’ve achieved. We’ve invested in the quality and carried out a complete overhaul of the packaging – we think it's a complete industry changer.

George cosmetics
George cosmetics
Natalie Tyson
Natalie Tyson

Obviously I’m a bit biased though, so it’s wonderful to see the response it’s received from both customers and the media. The Mirror wrote: Get excited, dear reader - Asda has announced it's launching its own beauty line. Hear that? It's the sound of us jingling our wallets for spare change in anticipation, while The Sun called it “great news for budget beauty fans” and The Daily Mail said it’s “definitely worth checking out”.

There are 164 products in the revamped range with exciting things like the contour palette, brow dips and one of my personal favourites – the interchangeable eye shadow palette. Customers can buy the empty eye shadow palette for £3, and then four individual eye shadow shades for £5, allowing people to make a bespoke palette which they can mix up depending on the occasion. Personally I think that’s a really good deal, premium brands have only ever offered this type of product before, and the George version is half the price.

George eyeshadow
George eyeshadow

Another favourite is the matte lipstick – it’s an amazing formulation that doesn’t dry out your lips. Both our lipsticks, the matte and the sheer one, have shea butter which is something we haven’t seen other brands do either. The matte lipstick is a really nice consistency and lasts for a long time, we’ve actually had feedback from customers and quite a few store colleagues who say it's lasted all day. There are six matte and six satin shades in the lipstick collection, as well as four metallic and four vibrant matte liquid lipsticks which contains great pigments for our younger customers. See what InStyle said about it here.

George lipstick
George lipstick

Our foundations are also really excellent quality, we've got a matte and a natural – the natural foundation has collagen in it so it’s got anti-ageing properties. We've also added a baked blusher, some pencil and brow dips with a really nice creamy formula, and a Big Flirt Fat Tip eyeliner – it's a really fat chunky eyeliner so you can create a really dramatic wing or use the fine end to create a thin line – perfect for two very different looks.

We’ve also got some little glitter pots for Christmas – they can be used with water, or you can dab them on to create a bit of a sheen. I’m also a big fan of our new eye creams which create a really glamorous cream shimmery look.

The new range has only been on sale for a week, but so far the feedback has all been amazing, with comments like “I can’t believe Asda sell something like this, I need to go and give it a look!”. I think customers are genuinely surprised at the quality they can get for such low prices – nothing in the range costs more than £6. Here are some of the posts I've spotted on social media about the range:

All these expensive makeup companies and It was only Asda that had the colours I wanted. 👊🏻 #asda #bae

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It makes us feel so proud that our customers are also raving about the new range. It’s great that they know they can get premium quality products at really affordable prices – something that’s quite rare in beauty. We're constantly benchmarking our products against the best on the market, and they’re coming out really well.

We also invited beauty bloggers to check out the new range and asked what they thought, here are some of the things they posted:

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