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Christine draws on her cancer experience to support Asda customers

October 11, 2017 06:07 PM

Christine Conway from our West Bridgford store in Nottingham has been doing a great job this month raising awareness and money for our Tickled Pink breast cancer charity campaign.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago and now uses her experience to help people in a similar situation.

Christine, picture above talking to customer Sandra Perry, said: “It's amazing how many people come up to me who've been diagnosed with cancer, so it's nice to tell people I've been through it, I'm fine and that it's amazing what doctors can do now.”

Christine, who’s worked at the store for 17 years, is passionate about raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now. During our annual Tickled Pink campaign she draws on her personal experience with breast cancer and enjoys chatting to customers, answering their questions and addressing their concerns about cancer.

She said: "People hear the word 'cancer' and they panic. It's not something to panic about – you have to treat it like it's just another illness.”

Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer during the 2006 Tickled Pink campaign.

She said: "I didn't find a lump, I just had a sore chest. I went to the hospital and they told me I had breast cancer so in November I had to have a mastectomy and radiotherapy.

"I didn't tell any of my colleagues at first because I didn't want anyone to treat me differently, but once I told everyone they were absolutely lovely and supportive.

"I was off work for three months and needed a further two reconstructive operations. The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and they had to operate on one of my arms which has been left weaker.

"When I came back to work colleagues were so helpful. They would help me if I needed help lifting things.

"My friends and family were so supportive too. Because I've got two daughters it was a bit of a worry but thankfully my cancer was not genetic.”

After taking medication for five years Christine was given the all-clear in 2011.

She said: “Tickled Pink is obviously really close to my heart now. I’m just lucky that I’m able to use my own experience to reassure people and let them know how much help is available."