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Amazing 99-year-old Beatrice sells knitted poppies at our Worcester store

November 10, 2017 10:43am
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One of our oldest customers – 99-year-old Beatrice Furlong – has been busy knitting woollen poppies to raise money for the annual Poppy Appeal at our Worcester store.

Beatrice and Mal Furlong
Beatrice and Mal Furlong

Beatrice and her daughter Mal are well known for their tireless community work in the local area.

Beatrice – whose late husband Vincent fought in the Second World War – spent months knitting the poppies at home, and raised £250 by selling them at £2 each.

Beatrice and Mal said one of the highlights of their day at the store was when a two-year-old girl came up to buy a poppy and told them her name was … Poppy!

Beatrice and Mal with Katy and Poppy
Beatrice and Mal with Katy and Poppy

Poppy’s mum Katy Swatton said: "We always like to donate to the Poppy Appeal, and Beatrice and Mal thought it was wonderful that my daughter is called Poppy, a really nice coincidence. Poppy has been wearing the poppy all week.

"I told her that it was special because a 99-year-old lady had knitted it. I think what Beatrice does is incredible – she's an amazing lady."

Beatrice has four children, nine grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and one great-great granddaughter. She said: "It was a very good day – Asda and the customers were very supportive."

Mal said: "We’re very passionate about doing everything we can to help our local community. A lot of the customers know us and they were stopping for a little chat after they'd bought one of the poppies.

"We have very strong feelings when it comes to the Poppy Appeal. Dad was always very keen on doing what he could do help the Legion.

"We couldn't believe it when we met a little girl whose name is Poppy. You couldn't have planned it!”

The store's community champion John Horsley said: "Customers think Beatrice is absolutely fantastic. She spends months knitting these poppies as they're quite intricate.

"She's just amazing. She chats to everybody who comes over to buy a poppy. You'd think she was was 50 not 99! Beatrice and her family have done so much for this community."

Beatrice and Vincent helped set up a community centre in Worcester in 1951, and the family have been heavily involved in organising hundreds of activities and events for the community since.

Volunteers from the Royal British Legion and Poppyscotland have been fundraising in Asda stores over the last two weeks.

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