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Little Angels nappies now carry certification from the Skin Health Alliance

Dr Susan Mayou is a Consultant Dermatologist with over 30 years’ experience in treating patients for a variety of skin related problems and she also works very closely with the Skin Health Alliance. She explains how their accreditation works and why customers can have faith in it.

By Dr Susan Mayou

November 14, 2017 00:56pm
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One of the most common questions I am asked as a dermatologist by my patients is how to tell if a product is safe to use on their skin, especially if they suffer from compromised or sensitive skin.

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With so many products now carrying claims about being 'dermatologically tested', it is difficult to gauge what ‘dermatologically tested’ actually means and therefore be able to make informed choices about what to use.

The Skin Health Alliance works with an independent panel of dermatologists, researchers and skin experts to scientifically review and assess a product's skin safety and efficacy, as well as various other environmental and regulatory factors, against its own list of strict criteria which is completely manufacturer or brand independent.

When a product is submitted to the Skin Health Alliance for accreditation, dermatologists like myself are asked to meticulously assess the skin safety credentials of not just the finished product but also each constituent ingredient. The review also includes a thorough examination of user and clinical trials and any additional research data supporting efficacy claims.

The process can be lengthy to ensure the product complies with safety standards and ultimately will not cause irritation to the skin when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Whilst anyone can apply to have their product accredited it is only those brands able to scientifically prove they can meet our exacting standards who will secure the Skin Health Alliance’s stamp of approval.

For consumers, like those making the hugely important decision about what nappy to use on their child’s sensitive skin, our accreditation gives the additional confidence that a product has been independently verified and approved by an expert body of medical professionals.

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