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Spirits, healthier choices and spice will add extra fizz to our drinks in 2018

Asda's Beers, Wines & Spirits expert Lauren Venters writes about the trends in drinks that will be worth raising a glass to in the New Year...

By Lauren Venters

December 19, 2017 00:59pm
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Looking back over the last year I've discovered some delicious drinks as part of Asda's Beers, Wine and Spirits team – and I'm already looking forward to the trends that are going to make 2018 a fabulous year of spirits, slimming, and spice!


I think gin will continue to reign supreme thanks to the growing popularity of craft gin, Prosecco sales will fizz-over again, and rum, whiskyand ‘healthier’ wine options will become even more popular too.

Rum has made its way back into our lives with cocktails like daiquiris, piña coladas and Mai Tais, while whisky has branched out to become a popular choice thanks to the sweeter varieties available to us at home. Whether you love a minty mojito in summer or a soothing glass of whisky on a cold night, we expect 2018 to see an even greater surge in popularity for both spirits as customers look for flexible spirits for mixing or sipping.

The New Year is also set to be the year of low-calorie, low-alcohol wine, with drinkers opting for healthier options in reds, whites, rosés and beer. 2017 saw the launch of several low calorie and alcohol drinks, giving the option of healthier drinks choices – particularly for that January detox. Next year we'll see even more ‘no and low’ drinks launching.

Turmeric Tequila Cocktail

We can also expect to see turmeric make its way from our spice cabinet and into liquor. Turmeric's a great spice for adding a little pizazz and an orange-tinged kick to our drinks. It's the new cinnamon – beyond providing a little extra kick of flavour it's also an increasingly popular natural remedy. Try your hand at this delicious Turmeric and Honey Margarita to see why I think it'll be so popular.

Ready-to-go drinks aren’t anything new, but in 2018 we'll see more and more of our favourite premium drinks pre-mixed and at our fingertips. From high-class Highballs, to a posh Pornstar Martini, more of us are looking to ‘drink out, at home’ with bar-worthy cocktails without the hassle of doing all the mixing, shaking and stirring.

When it comes to wine, boxed wine is back in fashion now. Created to suit almost any occasion, from backyard parties, to festivals or dinner parties, people are thinking inside the box a lot more. Find out more about the rival in boxed wine here.

And don't forget the garnish! A simple straw or olive on a toothpick won't cut it for some people anymore – they're looking for a little pomp and circumstance when it comes to drinks. So from gin foam to flambé tequila, flair is set to be an expectation when it comes to drinking in 2018.

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