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Little Keaton loves shopping at Asda thanks to our 'fantastic' colleague Jennifer

February 09, 2018 01:05 PM

Little Keaton loves shopping at Asda thanks to our 'fantastic' colleague Jennifer

Look how happy little Keaton Milnes is to see our colleague Jennifer Brook during his latest visit to our Dewsbury store with his mum!

Two-year-old Keaton's mum Deborah told us how the two of them have struck up a special friendship – and he rushes over to hug her as soon as he sees her.

Deborah lives near the store with her husband Stuart, Keaton and ten-month-old daughter Kara, and they visit the store several times a week.

She said: "Every time we come into the store Keaton and Jennifer run towards each other and have a big hug! If she's busy serving someone, he shouts 'Jennifer!' and as soon as she's finished helping them she runs over to see him. They have a really special friendship.

"As soon as we get to the store he says 'Can I go and see Jennifer?' They have a chat and he shares his sweets with her.

"Jennifer goes above and beyond – she's just a star, so friendly. She's absolutely fantastic with all the kids, not just Keaton. She always talks to the kids, helps them put the Green Token Giving tokens in the slots, and it gives us parents a chance to put the shopping through. She still does her job sorting the tills out, and manages to chat to the kids at the same time."

Jennifer and Deborah first formed a friendship after Kara was born.

"We got chatting when I had Kara because I had quite a traumatic birth," said Deborah. "She asked about that and it's really gone on from there. Keaton took to her straightaway.

"She makes it a really nice shopping experience for us, looking after Keaton so well. Also, because Jennifer is so friendly with him he's getting to know other staff members too which is great and means Keaton is comfortable too."

Jennifer, who's a grandmother, has worked at the store for six years. She said: "Deborah says Keaton doesn't want to come to the store unless I'm in! As soon as he comes in he runs over to me for a squeeze and then goes to get some sweets so he can share them with me. He's a cheeky little monkey!

"I used to work in childcare and have always clicked with kids. I like to chat to all customers really – a lot of them come in for a chat and a laugh as well as a shop. I just think that's a main part of your job and it's what I really enjoy. I get a buzz from helping customers and chatting to them."

The store's people manager Paige Twidale said: "Jennifer is the life and soul of the front end of the store. She's always smiling and happy – she's almost like a mother figure to colleagues and customers.

"She calls us her 'Asda family' and brings passion and happiness to her role."