Eight-year-old Piper Miller was all smiles when she was invited in for a special visit “working" at our Scunthorpe store.

Piper, who has autism, has built a great relationship with colleagues on her regular shopping trips with her parents. She spent the afternoon helping store manager Rachael Grayson, having a go on the tills, checking stock levels and making tannoy announcements. Colleagues have also given Piper her own name badge.

Piper lives in Scunthorpe with parents Simon and Toni and brothers Daniel, 11, and Wyatt, who's ten.

Simon said: "Rachael and everyone at Asda made Piper's day – and ours too! They were brilliant, and we can't thank them enough.

"She loved having a go on the checkouts and talking to colleagues, but her favourite thing is the tannoy. Rachael let her say 'thank you to our customers for shopping at Asda'.

"We come into the store all the time and have done for the last three or four years. If Piper sees someone wearing a name badge she's always really keen to chat to them and ask questions.

"Whoever she asks, they're brilliant and spend time talking to her, and she calls them friends. She knows everyone and she's always got a smile on her face when she's there.

"One day, as we were leaving, the staff got together and gave Piper her name badge on a lanyard. Me and Toni were nearly in tears. Whenever she goes to Asda, she puts the badge on.

"When all the staff are nice and have a laugh it works for the store, them and the customers – everybody's happy."

Piper, pictured above with mum Toni and Rachael, attends St Luke's Primary School.

Simon said: "Because of her autism everything has to be in the right order, everything has a routine which can't be changed or she can't cope."

Rachael said: "Piper absolutely loved it, she was extremely excited and great at talking to the colleagues.

"She was a fantastic deputy store manager for the afternoon – and is welcome back at any time."