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Our range of roses says more than 'I love you' on Valentine's Day

Roses are more than just a romantic gesture. Asda flowers buyer Sarah Oliver writes about how we ensure there's a rose for everyone on the big day...

By Sarah Oliver

February 9, 2018 09:40am
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Asda flowers buyer Sarah Oliver
Sarah Oliver

Receiving flowers, especially red roses, on Valentine’s Day makes you feel valued and loved. It's a really simple but incredibly powerful way of demonstrating a romantic love.

Buying someone roses also sends out a message of caring, love or admiration – if you can't say I love you in person then red roses say it for you.

But there's a lot more to love than romance, so we've made other colour roses available in our range of roses ahead of Valentine's Day to help people show they care in different ways.

Red roses from Asda
Red roses

Did you know, for instance, that yellow roses represent friendship, pink roses represent happiness and peach roses mean "thank you"?

This year we also have a mixed bunch featuring all the colours of the rainbow and a multi-coloured rose which fits in with the unicorn trend that has been so huge in other categories in Asda such as bakery and interiors.

Asda multi-coloured roses
Multi-coloured roses

I love flowers and always have them in the house – but I've appreciated them even more since I've been involved in buying them for Asda and discovered how they're grown, sourced and selected to go on shelves in our stores.

Red roses from Asda
Red roses

My personal favourite is a variety called Burgundy. It has a luxurious deep red colour, which suits its name and a beautiful iconic rose shape which opens slowly and elegantly in a vase at home.

Asda red rose
Red rose

The different colour roses are grown in exactly the same way, apart from the red roses. To allow us to get the volume we need for Valentine's Day, in December the growers do a technique called pinching. They literally nip the tops out of the red roses to get the whole lot to bloom at the same time.

Asda roses buyer Sarah Oliver visiting a grower in Kenya
Asda roses buyer Sarah Oliver visiting a grower in Kenya

I visit all of our growers at least twice a year, including a visit a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day to ensure the quality is exactly what we want and we work with our growers to find the best varieties of red rose for vase life.

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