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Happy Valentine's Day to the couple who found love working at Asda

February 13, 2018 00:23pm
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Happy Valentine's Day! Our colleagues Bryan and Debbie King have been together for more than 30 years ... after meeting at Asda.

Bryan and Debbie at Boston
Bryan and Debbie celebrating Valentine's Day at Boston

Bryan and Debbie went to the same school in Bury St Edmunds, and properly met when they got jobs at our store in the town. They became a couple in 1986 and got married in 1989 before moving to Lincolnshire a year later and transferring to our Boston store. The Fifties rock and roll fans have two children, Haley and Eddie.

Customer services assistant Debbie, who's 50, said: "We have a good marriage – it's all about give and take. We kind of knew each other at school because he was in the same year as my brother. I liked him then but we didn't get together until I started at Asda. I don't think many of the colleagues here know we met at Asda – although they will do now!

"I enjoy working here – every day is different. We work in different departments so we don't really see much of each other at work. But we both work mornings so we have the afternoons and evenings together. Bryan enjoys doing special things for Valentine's Day. He takes me out for meals and to the cinema, and this year we're going to a rock and roll festival in Spain."

Bryan and Debbie in the Valentine's aisle
Bryan and Debbie in the Valentine's aisle

Bryan's worked for Asda for 35 years and Debbie's approaching her 33rd anniversary. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer ten years ago and had a kidney removed. Thankfully she's since made a full recovery.

Debbie said: "When I came back to work I was put on light duties in the office but really missed talking to customers on the shop floor. You get your regulars, which is good and I really enjoy chatting to them."

Bryan, who's 52 and works in the bakery, said: "We're both as much in love now as when we first met. I just do what she tells me!"

General store manager Joe Murphy said: "Bryan and Debbie are very popular with colleagues and customers and it's great they found love at Asda!

"They're both an integral part of the store and everyone hopes they have a lovely Valentine's Day and many more happy years together."

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