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Colleagues ensure the safe return of a customer's lost rings

March 6, 2018 00:54pm
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Here’s the wonderful moment when our Dewsbury store’s community champion Sharon Kingswood returned two rings that regular customer Lynne Bentley had lost during one of her visits.

Dewsbury rings
Lynne with community champion Sharon Kingswood

Lynne only realised the rings had slipped off her fingers after she returned home from her weekly shop. She phoned the store as soon as she realised the rings were missing and colleagues immediately started a search, with Asda Ace Andrea Stevenson spotting them near the checkouts.

Lynne, who's 64, said: "I've had cancer and lost a lot of weight, and didn't realise my rings were loose. They must have dropped off as I was packing my bags.

"I got home, realised I'd lost them, and I phoned the store straightaway. I was really upset.

Lynne with the rings
Lynne with the rings

"They called me back soon after to tell me they'd found one on the floor near the checkout, and one underneath the checkout. I was really lucky.

"I was over the moon – I was so relieved I started crying. Once I'd lost them I thought I'd never get them back."

Lynne is married to Michael, who's 74. She’s now in remission from cancer. The rings were her mum's wedding ring and a cygnet ring that belonged to her sister.

General store manager Terry Edwards said: “I can't thank Andrea, and all our colleagues, enough. They are always looking for ways to help customers. I'm delighted that we were able to get the rings back to Lynne."

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