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Why we're restricting the sale of high-caffeine drinks

Our Chief Customer Officer Andy Murray explains the thinking behind Asda’s decision to prevent the sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to people under the age of 16 from Monday, March 5.

By Andy Murray

March 5, 2018 01:49pm
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At Asda we take our responsibilities as a retailer seriously and work hard to ensure we get the balance right between offering our customers choice and doing the right thing.

Asda chief customer officer Andy Murray

The issue of restricting the sale of high-caffeine drinks raised an interesting question for us – is it right for us to dictate choice where there are no legal restrictions in place?

We listened to our customers and to the concerns of parents and teachers on the impact that high caffeine drinks can have on children’s behaviour and learning, and decided that we wanted to be proactive in this area and support parents and teachers in limiting young people’s access to these drinks.

If you’re lucky enough to be under 16 – you’re lucky enough to be high on life, without needing caffeine in your system!

We want our customers to trust us to lead the way on the issues that matter to them – and we’re proud that our decisive action on this issue has led other big retailers to implement restrictions on these drinks too.

From Monday, 5th March, customers wishing to buy a high-caffeine drink in one of our stores or online will need to be willing to show some form of ID. We believe this is the right thing to do for our customers and to support the communities that we’re so proud to be part of.

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