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The important health message on Asda's sanitary products

March 20, 2018 02:52 PM

From July we’re putting a health message on all Asda’s own-brand sanitary products that could save more women’s lives. National Community Manager Emma Gittoes explains why…

We’ve been tackling women’s health issues for more than 20 years through our Tickled Pink campaign that supports breast cancer charities. Thanks to our amazing customers and colleagues we’ve donated £60 million to Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now since 1996, and we’ve got big plans this year to raise even more.

Sadly we know that some women are still getting diagnosed with breast cancer far too late and that regular breast checks could help avoid this. My mission this year is to get this message out there at every opportunity – to encourage women to do regular breast checks and to seek advice from a GP as early as possible.

We’ve been working with the two breast cancer charities and our Femcare team to put a message on our own brand sanitary products that could save more women’s lives. From July this message will be on all Asda own brand sanitary and incontinence products for women:

Asda will also be donating a total of £50,000 to the two breast cancer charities as a result of sales of the packs, so I’d like to say a massive thank you to our Femcare team who’ve done so much to make this happen.

I’m really excited that this also has the support of Paula Sherriff MP who campaigns on women’s health and who announced our plans at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Health today.

It’s incredibly important to have people like Paula to help us raise awareness of this issue at every opportunity and it’s exciting that Paula is as passionate as we are about this.

Once they launch in July, the special packs of sanitary products will be available all-year round, not only during our annual Tickled Pink campaign push in October during Breast Cancer Awareness month. We make a year-round donation to Tickled Pink from the sale of our Tickled Pink air freshener, umbrella, cereal and the featured book which changes every fortnight – and we’re also looking to extend the number of products available all year round.

The George team are also in the process of designing our new Tickled Pink range for October, including an expanded post-surgery swimwear range.

And we’re incredibly proud of all the fundraising our community champions do in store and in their local communities and we’re looking at new and exciting ways they can be involved with our two breast cancer charities at a more local level. We’ll have lots more Tickled Pink news to share later in the year!
Be Your Breast Friend: know the signs of breast cancer with these handy tips. Not every symptom will be cancer, but if you're worried visit Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now for more information and support.