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Our new gnomes are putting smiles on lots of people's faces this summer

May 21, 2018 01:58pm
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The latest additions to our popular range of gnomes are available now – and to celebrate our colleagues took 50 of them on a trip to the cinema to see the new Sherlock Gnomes film!

Some of the new gnomes from Asda

The new gnome range includes 2ft tall unicorn, mermaid, astronaut, pirate, footballer and dinosaur gnomes for £6 each. You can check out the full range of 2ft gnomes in selected stores or on George.com. You'll also find the new versions of our family of 3ft tall giant gnomes – including Gnorman, Gnorma, Gnoah and Gnora – in selected stores too.

They're getting lots of people excited on social media – like Kelly who shared this fab pic of her five-year-old son Jake with the dinosaur gnome.

She posted on Instagram, saying: "Jake loves dinosaurs. He constantly talks about them, watches shows about them and even pretends to be one so we couldnt resist buying this dinosaur gnome from Asda and calling him little Jakey! A striking resemblance don't you think!"

Debbie shared this fab photo of her new gnome, who she's named Albus:

Here are some of the other pictures that customers have been sharing with us:

How cute are these #asda #asdagnome

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Thank you to everyone who's been sharing photos of their Asda gnomes on social media.

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