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Our promise to protect your personal data

With new regulations coming into force today, our Data Protection Officer, Amy Travis, writes about how we use your data and our commitment to keeping it safe...

By Amy Travis

May 25, 2018 11:00am
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Asda's Data Protection Officer Amy Travis
Amy Travis

You’ll have probably noticed you’ve been getting a lot of emails recently about privacy policies and mailing lists. I know I have!

The reason for this is a new piece of legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, which makes some changes to the way that organisations can collect, use and store personal information from ‘data subjects’ (that’s you and me!) and strengthens the rights people have over the ways that their data is used.

At Asda, we collect and handle personal information relating to millions of people, to make shopping with us better. For instance, we use this data to deliver your orders and provide services to you; to accept payment for products; to help us understand how you like to shop so we can improve our service to you, and to send you offers and news about products and services we think you’ll love.

We’ve always taken our responsibilities to each of you and your data very seriously and we’ve now summarised these up into the following promises we make to you:

  • We promise to be open and honest about the Information we collect

  • We promise to use it only for the specific purposes we've told you about

  • We promise to collect no more than we need for those purposes

  • We promise to check that it's accurate and keep it up to date

  • We promise to keep it for no longer than we need it

  • We promise to protect your Privacy and your Information

  • We promise to explain your Privacy Rights and how to exercise them

  • We promise to respond quickly to any concerns you raise with us

  • We promise to treat you and your Information fairly and lawfully

Our mission is to be the most trusted retailer, and that starts and ends with you. We want you to have all the information about how we use your data and how we keep it safe, so we’ve created a new Privacy Centre - a one-stop-shop to find out about what data we collect, how we use it, your rights and how to exercise them, all in in one place. Check it out!

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