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Asda Foundation grant helps foodbank set up a new parent and toddler group

By Asda Community Team

June 1, 2018 09:26am
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Our Pwllheli store's community champion Jo Scott regularly helps out at a foodbank in the town – and now she's helped the volunteers there set up a parent and toddler group thanks to a £2,000 donation from the Asda Foundation.

Asda Pwllheli community champion Jo Scott with Twm
Jo checks out the new toys with Twm

The volunteers at St Peter's Church Food Bank opened the Noah's Ark Parent and Toddler Play Group for children whose parents use the foodbank and who might otherwise struggle to afford other play groups. They also wanted to offer a place for parents to meet.

Jo nominated the group to receive a surprise Christmas grant from the Asda Foundation last year – and the £2,000 meant they could buy lots of toys for the children.

Asda Pwllheli community champion Jo Scott presenting the group with their surprise Christmas cheque
Jo presented the group with a £2,000 cheque last Christmas

Daphne Chalk from St Peter's Church said: "Without the grant, we couldn't have set up the group because we couldn't have bought any toys.

"It's a poor area, and existing parent and toddler groups cost £3 to £4 per child. If you've got two or more children and money is tight, that's a huge amount.

"Some children had never had the chance to play with another child so we wanted to provide that.

"We also wanted the group to be a place where parents could get together and talk. They may have had a difficult birth, be feeling isolated or have post-natal depression.

Jo Scott from Asda Pwllheli at the playgroup set up with funding from the Asda Foundation
Jo helps the children try out the new toys

"Jo is a brilliant representative for Asda – she's always got a big smile on her face.

"She's marvellous at helping the children play, and she's also a great help chatting to the adults and helping them to feel confident with us, and each other."

Father Huw Bryant and Daphne Chalk with Asda Pwllheli community champion Jo Scott
Father Huw Bryant and Daphne Chalk showing Jo the new toys

Jo said: "The volunteers at this food bank do a great job in the community, giving up their own time to help other people.

"The parent and toddler group has had so much support from our local community since it opened. It's great to see so many local parents and children getting involved."

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