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Little Huzaifah wants to work at Asda when he grows up – just like his 'papa'

June 01, 2018 11:18 AM

Four-year-old Huzaifah Ahmed loves Asda and wants to work in one of our stores when he grows up – just like his "papa" Waqas.

Waqas, who’s a checkout runner at our St Matthew store in Walsall, said: ”One day when I came home from work, he said ’Papa, can I borrow your old Asda T-shirt?'.

"I asked him why, and he said 'I love the green colour'. I explained to him that it wouldn't fit him, but he asked his auntie Shabana if she could alter it to fit him.

"She did, he put it on and said 'I'm like you now papa'. Isn’t that really nice? Now he wears it every time he comes in to the store to 'help out'."

Huzaifah was born in 2013, a month before his dad started working at the store.

Waqas said: "Now he wants a yellow Asda jacket too! He definitely wants to work for Asda when he grows up. He watches me get ready for work and asks questions and when I go shopping after my shift he likes to come in with his mother and 'help out', wearing his Asda T-shirt.

"When he meets somebody for the first time, he's shy, but when he gets to know them he's very friendly.

"Some of the colleagues see him regularly. He knows them now, so he talks to them when he comes in and they enjoy seeing him and talking to him."

Waqas lives in Walsall with his wife Sabeena and their three children - sons Hazaifah and Zakriah and daughter Emaan.

The store's deputy manager Phil Payne said: "Waqas jokes that Huzaifah is our newest colleague! Huzaifah absolutely loves Asda, his shirt looks great on him and we all like seeing him in the store.

"Waqas is a trustworthy, well-respected colleague and we've had plenty of praise from customers about him."