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Happy Father's Day to the dads who work with their kids at Asda

June 12, 2018 10:41am
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Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere – like Gerard Burns, who works with his son Simon at our Enniskillen store.

Asda Enniskillen father and son colleagues Simon and Gerard Burns
Simon and Gerard enjoy working together

In an unusual twist, grocery leader Simon is his dad's boss. Gerard, who's 62, said: “There has been a slight role reversal in recent years since I joined the team at Asda. I now take instructions from my son as he is my boss, but we still manage to have a great working relationship."

Simon, who's 37, said: "We're a very close family and we get on very well. It's enjoyable to work with him – it's grand. You can have that bit more banter with your dad!"

At our Pudsey store, section leader David Huggins enjoys working with his son Jack – they even share the commute.

David, who's 63, said: "I love working for Asda and have the added bonus of being able to work alongside my son – how lucky am I?"

Asda Pudsey father and son colleagues David and Jack Huggins
David and Jack are very close

Jack, who's 22, said: "It’s great getting to spend more time with my dad and we always have banter on the drive to work, which gets me in the best mood for my shift."

At our Omagh store, several dads work with their children in the store – here they are (left to right): Jolene Bell, Albert Bell, Aideen McNabb, Marshall Long, Gerard McNabb, David Long, Laura McBride and Stephen McBride.

Colleagues at Asda Omagh prepare for Father's Day
Happy Father's Day at Asda Omagh

There's another father and son team at our Ballyclare store – warehouse colleague Trevor Wilson and son Aaron, who works on the checkouts.

Father and son colleagues Aaron and Trevor Wilson at Asda Ballyclare
Aaron and Trevor

Trevor said: "It fills me with great pride to see Aaron getting along so well with local customers and building great relationships with them. He is brilliant at his job!”

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