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21 years as the UK's lowest price supermarket is a team effort

This month we've been named Britain's lowest price supermarket for the 21st year in a row at the annual Grocer Gold Awards. Mark Kupelian, our senior director of pricing and promotions, writes about how teamwork is our secret to success….

By Mark Kupelian

June 18, 2018 04:04pm
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Asda senior director of pricing and promotions Mark Kupelian

Helping our customers to save money is part of our DNA. Since the first Asda store opened in 1965 we’ve been obsessed with offering our customers the best value possible on the products they love. And for the past 21 years in a row, retail industry magazine The Grocer has named Asda its lowest priced supermarket at its annual awards.

It’s an accolade we’re incredibly proud of, especially in such a competitive market.

Every week, The Grocer surveys the price of a basket of 33 items from all the main supermarkets. They pick a random list of items every week – so there is no way of fudging the numbers! Each year, in June, they tally the number of times each supermarket has provided the cheapest 33 items over the previous year, and the supermarket that's cheapest most often wins the annual award.

For us, retaining this title is another example of how customers can trust us to save them money on their shopping, week in week out. It's also an example of how our approach makes good business sense. Keeping our customers happy is a team effort that involves everyone from our shop floor colleagues to our valued suppliers – and when we get it right, customers keep choosing Asda and we all do better.

Whether it’s our produce buyers working with IPL – our independent sourcing company – who cut out middle men and buy produce directly from growers to ensure we keep our investment at the two most important ends of the supply chain the grower and the customer.

Our sustainability team who work with suppliers large and small through our 'Sustain and Save' exchange to see how they can run more efficiently and reduce their costs – meaning it costs them less to produce their products for us.

Or our buyers and product development teams who work with innovative new brands and suppliers to create amazing new products our customers love – such as our new vegan burgers and alcohol free prosecco.

We're all obsessed with delivering for our customers year round – but awards like the Grocer 33 are a great moment to celebrate all that effort and remember why we all come to work.

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