Our new range of freezer favourites takes away the hassle of hosting a summer party

July 3, 2018

Category planning manager Fran McCargo writes about the new additions to our frozen range – designed to make it easy to enjoy a stress-free summer BBQ or party...

Fran McCargo

I’m from a big family, so when we have barbecues at my house everybody gets stuck in and it's important that everything is convenient and easy.

My dad is the king of the barbecue, but we’ll all make or bring something. We love to sit and graze on different things. Once you’ve had your burger and some salad it’s time for the sausages to come round – it’s just that continuous eating cycle you come to expect from a summer get-together.

These shared family experiences have been really useful in my job, as this summer we've launched 50 new frozen lines that are perfect for the barbecue and summer gatherings. All of them can be cooked straight from frozen. They take away the hassle of hosting a spontaneous get-together and are ideal for when you haven’t had chance to go to the shops – you can just get them out of the freezer, bang them in the oven and then finish them on the barbecue for that authentic flavour.

Frozen summer range

We’ve got great ranges to choose from – including big bulk packs of chicken wings and thighs in different flavours like BBQ, Chinese and Hot & Spicy.

One of our iconic products this year is our , which is two burgers with melted cheese in the middle. Pop it straight in the oven for a bit of a fun treat – everybody loves a cheeseburger!

Frozen double cheeseburger

We’ve got something a little bit different too, like our , and sizzle steaks – thin chicken breast steaks with or seasoning.

Sizzler steaks

And it’s not summer without ice cream! We’ve got our big bulk pack of , which includes strawberry sprinkle lollies, traffic light lollies, milk lollies, split lollies and chocolate covered lollies for just £2.75 a pack. One of our favourites this year is the , which have been getting some great coverage in the press.

Frozen for Freshness range

The are my absolute favourite product this year – it’s ice and a slice in one, perfect for your G&T on a nice summer’s day. But they're also great for water. I’m finding that I’m drinking a lot more water because of adding a few of those slices in there and having that infusion – it’s a lot more refreshing than having water on its own or some sort of cordial.

We’ve also got our , a frozen fruit mix that you can add to your Pimm's and lemonade straight from the freezer. It saves you the hassle of trying to find the fresh mint, strawberries and cucumber as it’s all there ready to go in.

Frozen picnic

We also have some great picnic favourites to complement the full summer offer. Within that we’ve got a , or , , , and all the things that really finish off your summer BBQ and parties.

Asda's new vegan burgers

Rather than just sticking with the same old burgers and sausages, why not try something new like our vegan range? It includes things like our or that are completely plant based and are a healthier alternative to the traditional proteins.

Our frozen summer BBQ range is now on Rollback, with prices starting from just 50p, so it's the perfect time to stock up! Shop the range in store or .