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Wins for three of our female logistics managers at industry awards

July 5, 2018 00:30pm
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Congratulations to three of our Asda Logistics Service colleagues who've been recognised as role models at the 2018 FTA Everywoman in Transport and Logistics awards.

Three Asda Logistics Service colleagues won at the 2018 Everywoman in Transport and Logistics awards

The awards event aims to raise awareness of the opportunities within transport and logistics, and inspire more women to pursue a career in the industry.

Asda Strategic Innovation Director Debbie Pye

Debbie Pye, our Strategic Innovation Director, won the Infrastructure Above and Beyond Award for her work and was praised by judges for being at the leading edge of innovation globally.

She said: "I'm so passionate and excited about what I do and I always try and engage people early on in the process.

"I’d recommend this as an industry for people who’ve got an engineering or mathematical process mindset. I think there’s a massive opportunity and one that will become bigger.

"In my 11 years at Asda I’ve always been given amazing opportunities to grow and develop as an individual. I think if you work hard and have the right attitude everybody in Asda gets that opportunity. There’s a wealth of opportunity in the business if you’re open to developing as an individual and put in the hard yards." Read more from Debbie here

Sharon Hammond, Asda Senior Director – Food North ALS

Sharon Hammond, our Senior Director – Food North ALS, took home the Warehousing Leader award and was commended for more engaged and motivated workforce as well as for training over 200 new colleagues in new ways of working – improving their skills, productivity and boosting morale on site.

She said: "It’s very humbling to have that award and for people to think I deserve to be Warehouse Leader of the year. It tells me I’m doing the right things, and treating people the right way, not just going after the numbers.

"I love nothing more than going into sites and meeting the teams, seeing the buzz and seeing what they’re developing. It really makes my day! You can see the passion we’ve got across the network for people wanting to do the right thing and do a great job for customers. That’s amazing to see and really heartwarming.

"We all spend a lot of time in the workplace and, as well hitting the numbers, it’s important to appreciate that we’re human beings in a place of work. We spend a lot of time there together so we have to have respect for each other and have a bit of fun and make sure it’s a nice place to work. I’m very approachable in that way. I’ll say to people 'How are things? How’s the site? How are the managers treating you?' They’re surprised when I want them to be honest – I want to know the truth so we can improve things." Read more from Sharon here

Asda Operating Model Senior Manager June Jones

June Jones, our Senior Manager Operating Model, was awarded the Supply Chain Above and Beyond Award for improving supply chain processes and was also recognised for her work mentoring women at Asda and in the local community.

She said: "I think I’m only as good as the people who work for me, but the fact someone recognised me was really nice.

I look after internal warehouse and transport processes nationally. We do that by utilising colleagues to come up with easier and better ways of doing things through CECI – Colleague Engagement driving Continuous Improvement. Asda changes on a regular basis. Change is good for anybody. That constant change has really helped me in my career and I’m grateful to Asda for giving me the opportunity to work in a fast-changing environment." Read more from June here

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