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Yorkshire puddings aren’t just for the Sunday roast – now they’re a dessert too!

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co
July 25, 2018 09:00 AM

Yorkshire puddings aren’t just for the Sunday roast – now they’re a dessert too!

To celebrate Yorkshire Day we’re launching two exciting new desserts exclusively in 27 of our Yorkshire stores. Sally Allister from the Real Yorkshire Pudding Company tells us more about the inspiration behind them…

I’m always looking for new ways to turn Yorkshire puddings into exciting new products, so I’m really excited to be launching our first ever sweet-filled Yorkshire puddings in Asda stores.

We’ve developed two new chilled desserts: Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Yorkshire Pudding and Toffee Apple Crumble Yorkshire Pudding.

We’ve been making Yorkshire puddings at our site in Thorne near Doncaster for 25 years. We mix the batter fresh every day using fresh ingredients: flour, eggs, milk and salt just as you would at home. For our gluten-free Yorkshire puddings we use a rice blend instead of flour.

Our two giant mixers can mix 200kg batches of batter at a time – we make 120 million Yorkshire puddings a year!

Yorkshire puddings have been around since the 1700s and were traditionally a starter to help fill you up and make the main course go further. As a Yorkshire lass I remember having them as a starter and often as a dessert with jam or orange juice and sugar, so sweet Yorkshire puddings are not an alien tradition.

Everybody likes a rhubarb or apple crumble so we took this idea and combined it with a Yorkshire pudding and gave it a modern twist. You get the crispiness of the Yorkshire pudding, the soft fruit centre and the crunchy crumble topping. The crumble, which is also made from Yorkshire pudding, helps to keep the fruit filling in place.

Both the desserts are gluten free. We’re very proud that our gluten-free Yorkshire puddings won Gold at the Free From Food awards earlier this year so when we were coming up with the Yorkshire pudding crumbles we decided to make them gluten-free so everyone can enjoy them. I defy anyone to taste the difference – they really are delicious.

I think Rhubarb and Ginger is my favourite of the two. Rhubarb is traditionally grown in the “Rhubarb Triangle” of Yorkshire so we were inspired by its Yorkshire heritage and the ginger just gives it that extra kick.

Serve with ice cream, cream or custard – enjoy!