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'He's so lovely' – Paul's friendly service puts smiles on lots of faces

July 27, 2018 02:20 PM

We love it when customers get in touch to tell us about a brilliant colleague who brighten up their day – like Paul Humphreys, the self scan host at our Abbey Park store in Coventry.

A photo of Paul appeared in a Facebook post telling the store’s customers that we’ve finished making a series of improvements, including installing a Changing Places toilet.

Loads of people recognised Paul in the picture and left comments saying how much they appreciate his friendly service.

Here are just a few of comments people left about Paul:

Paul, who's worked at the store since 2005, said: "Because of the role I've got quite a lot of people do speak to me while they're in the store and I like to have a chat with them, as I think being friendly to people is what makes Asda special.

"I always try to get on with people and always like to help people however I can – it's just the way I am."

Paul, who's 54, says he's been overwhelmed by the response – and didn't realise what he does means so much to so many customers.

He said: "I'm not on Facebook, but people at the store and at the club I go to have shown me some of the comments. It makes you feel great and makes you feel happier in life to know you're doing something right.

"Some of our customers have even come up to me and said, 'I've seen you on Facebook' – it's lovely to be appreciated.

"I've always enjoyed working at Asda – every day's different and it's a challenge to help people. It keeps me fit and active."

Paul says his customer service philosophy is all about listening to people and taking an interest in them.

He said: "It's the little things that make the difference. I'm from here – I only live two miles away from the store – so I know lots of people and I care about the city and the people who shop here."

Colleagues congratulated Paul on the fantastic feedback at a special lunch to celebrate the store' refit, where he received a Service Hero award.

General store manager Darren Burrage said: “Paul’s a fantastic asset to Asda Abbey Park and it’s great to see all the brilliant feedback about him. It doesn’t surprise me at all though – he’s naturally helpful with everyone and provides a consistently good service for everyone.

“I think he was a bit flabbergasted by the feedback, as I think he’s quite modest, and doesn’t go out of his way for attention. In retail we spend a lot of time running around busying ourselves for the customer, but I think it’s really important to make the time to celebrate just what a great job Paul does and how much it means to our customers."