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Dundee Kirkton colleagues give Margaret a happy 90th birthday surprise

September 07, 2018 09:31 AM

Great grandmother Margaret Finnie has shopped in our Dundee Kirkton store for 'donkey's years' – and when our colleagues found out it was her 90th birthday they surprised her with flowers, balloons and a cake.

Community champion Sam Will, who helped organise the surprise, said: "It was a pleasure for us to make Margaret's day special. She was very happy and a wee bit shocked. She said no one had ever done anything like this for her before.

"She thought the drip cake as fantastic – she couldn't wait to have a bit of that!"

Margaret, who's a widow, has two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She worked in the city's jute mills before she retired.

Her son Thomas said: "My mum really enjoyed what Sam and everyone at Asda did for her.

"We've been going in every week for donkey's years – she really enjoys going in.

"Everyone there is really friendly –  they always speak to her and ask her how she is."

Store manager Dougie McKeown said: "You could see how happy Margaret was – she was a little overwhelmed.

"There's a real local community feel to this store which is right in the heart of Kirkton, and we see a lot of regular customers in here daily.

"Sometimes we see the same faces come in two or three times a day to pick up bits of shopping, and to have a chat too.

"We all love seeing regular customers like Margaret and Thomas – we value and appreciate them all."