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In-store wedding celebration for Asda Oadby bakers Ruth and Andy

September 12, 2018 08:25 AM

Congratulations to our colleagues Ruth Adams and Andy McLeod who've got married after meeting in the bakery at our Oadby store.

Their friends at the store organised a special wedding celebration in the bakery a few days before their big day, giving Ruth a veil of bread bags and creating an archway of baguettes for them to walk through.

They were also presented with a cake to cut, and were showered in confetti to complete the big send-off.

Ruth said: "It was all very much a surprise – we got quite a lot of attention from customers.

"We were preparing for what we thought was a normal team huddle. Then Mandy Binnie, who's fresh production manager, came out with this plastic veil and gave me some flowers. Then everyone appeared with baguettes!

"We were given a photo cake to cut, and everyone had a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly. Then they threw confetti over us – they said it was their little bakery wedding.

"We both really enjoy working at the store – we get on well with everyone, and it was a really nice thing for them to do.

"Andy and me got together at a Christmas do and it all went from there."

Andy, who's a baker in the store, joined in 2000 and bakery assistant Ruth joined a year later.

The couple tied the knot at Shearsby Bath in Lutterworth. In November, they will be visiting Disneyland in Florida for their honeymoon.

Ruth said: "The actual wedding was an absolutely brilliant day with a lovely atmosphere. Most of the bakery team were there, and several other colleagues too."

Mandy said: "Everyone at the store's thrilled for them, so we wanted to send them off in style.

"A lot of customers who were in said it was a lovely touch, and everyone really enjoyed it."