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Asda Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary with surprise donations

November 22, 2018 02:10pm
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Over the past three decades Asda Foundation, our charitable arm, has donated £35 million and awarded more than 30,000 grants to local good causes and projects.

This week it was the Foundation’s 30th anniversary and they celebrated by making surprise donations to organisations who do amazing work in their local communities.

Our Boston Community Champion Stephen Bromby presented a cheque formore than £27,000 to Liz Hopkins, CEO at Centrepoint Outreach. The charity, which runs a drop-in centre and charity shop, has been helping homeless and vulnerable people in their local area for 27 years – almost as long as Asda Foundation has been going.

Asda Foundation 30th anniversary donation - Boston
Stephen Bromby presents surprise Asda Foundation 30th anniversary cheque to Liz Hopkins CEO of Centrepoint Outreach

They will use the donation to replace the 15-year-old van they use to deliver donations of furniture to people setting up home after moving out of homeless hostels and refuge shelters.

“Centrepoint do a fantastic job in the local community and I was honoured and delighted to present them with the cheque,” said Stephen. “It’s important they can carry on doing the work they do and I know they’ll put the van to good use, helping to transform an empty shell into a home.”

Watch the moment Stephen surprised Liz with the Asda Foundation anniversary cheque:

The Asda Foundation have also given the charity a £600 grant for a Christmas buffet at the drop-in centre so that homeless, lonely and isolated people in the community can enjoy a festive celebration.

In Glasgow our Parkhead Community Champion Toby Flanagan surprised Helenslea Community Centre with a cheque for £12,452.

Ten years ago the Asda Foundation funded a computer suite at the centre with a £35,000 grant. Technology moves on quickly – so the anniversary donation will be spent on upgrading the learning centre.

Asda Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary with a surprise donation
Our Parkhead Community Champion Toby Lancaster presents a cheque for £12,452 to Helenslea Community Hall to celebrate Asda Foundation's 30th anniversary

Michael McCourt, Co-ordinator of Helenslea Community Hall, said people of all ages who use the centre will benefit from the new technology, from nursery children to senior citizens.

“This is going to go a long, long way,” he said. “I was very surprised to see the cheque today. We’re very fortunate to be considered – thank you very much Asda!”

The Asda Foundation will continue to celebrate its 30th birthday with surprise grants to projects it has previously supported totalling up to £300,000.

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