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Add some festive sparkle to your home with these George Christmas trends

November 27, 2018 11:07 AM

Katy Traill from our George Home team writes about the latest additions to our festive homeware collection – and the inspiration behind the range...

I love Christmas, it’s an important family moment and such a happy time to celebrate together – and with homeware we’re seeing that more people want the happy atmosphere to flow beyond their lounge and extend throughout their home.

Lots of people are becoming increasingly bold when decorating their homes at Christmas – they don’t want to bring out the same decorations every year.

There’s a trend for going further than traditional decorations. More and more people are going beyond their hall and living room by decorating their bedroom and their kids’ rooms for Christmas, and having fun with the novelty-fun bedding and Christmas themes.

There’s a growing demand for Christmas kitchenware too, with more people looking for festive table settings.

We’re finding that some customers have more than one tree, and there are some people who collect trees or decorations and are quite eclectic in their style. I bought a new tree this year because I wanted to have an all-white theme tree, so I can have something new, but still not forget the classic Christmas looks that I have.

We’ve got four fantastic Christmas trends this year. We've got the traditional warm Christmas textures of our Nordic collection, the fun bright lights of our Electric Sky theme, the playful and whimsical Ice Palace range and the family-friendly Santa's Vacation theme – so there's something to suit all tastes.

Here’s a bit more detail about each of them and why I like them so much.

Electric Sky

I personally love the Electric Sky theme – it’s really different and very on trend. Electric Sky amps up your Christmas décor to full charge, packing a futuristic punch with bright lighting, geometric shapes and a whole lot of iridescence.

The inspiration of the oil slick alongside all the fun characters is a real talking point when put on a tree, and something really far away from the classic Christmas colours many people expect. We have also seen this trend land in the high end stores this year so it’s exciting to be offering it at such affordable prices. Take a look at the Electric Sky range here.


The Nordic trend perfectly mixes the cosy warm with classic Christmas, but with the twist that comes from Scandi influence – we often find two trends work together. I think the red and grey together is the perfect option for a modern Christmas with a hipster twist and it moves the trend on from what we’ve seen in previous years. See what's in our Nordic theme this Christmas on George.com.

Ice Palace

Ice Palace is so pretty and whimsical – it's like getting lost in an enchanted forest with a stylish but playful take on Christmas. One of my favourite pieces is this gold effect mermaid bauble which I’ll definitely be getting for my tree this year. It's available in selected stores now.

Find out more about the Ice Palace theme here.

Santa's Vacation

When we think about Christmas, it’s all about the excitement and family time. I think Santa’s Vacation is a family-friendly range and it includes all the popular Christmas characters like Santa alongside the mystical creatures that are very on trend. This range is so exciting and celebrates Christmas as a family – it’s all about fun. Take a look at our Santa's Vacation theme here.

If I had to pick my ultimate favourite product, I would have to say that I absolutely love the lights that spell out the word 'JOY' from the Ice Palace range. It’s so contemporary and simple, but I think it would go in any home and it’s a really versatile piece. I’ve got pieces from each trend in mind for my own home – I really love them all!

We start looking out for new designs and inspirations months ahead, I’m working on Spring/Summer 2020 at the moment! From inspiration trips to New York and Copenhagen, our team travels far and wide to make sure that your home is looking as festive as can be.

We also work closely with the food and fashion teams to make sure that all emerging trends can be brought into the range, and of course, we know what our customers love already so we always bring a splash of inspiration from our existing ranges – like copper or iridescent which have been a big hit with our customers throughout the year.

Find our great Christmas George Home range in selected stores and online now at George.com.