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David the 'Singing Checkout Man' brightens everyone's day at Asda Pershore

December 11, 2018 11:28 AM

Our brilliant colleague David Boulter loves putting smiles on customers' faces by singing to them when they're at his checkout at our Pershore store.

Asda customer Aimee Sawyer got in touch on Facebook to tell us that customers make a beeline for his checkout and said: “Wonderful how one person can transform your shopping experience.”

Store manager Rob Emslie says customers know David as “The Singing Checkout Man”.

Rob said: "He's forever singing – people love him! He's a well-loved character. He's absolutely brilliant – he really does brighten everyone's day."

David, who's 67, joined Asda seven years ago after being a full-time carer for his mother. He used to be a machine engineer, and loves to write acrostic poetry in his spare time.

He said: “I love working at Asda – it’s smashing. I work 12 hours a week but I only live down the road so if ever they’re stuck I can come in and cover. The people I work with are brilliant.

“What surprises the customers is that I’ve never had a singing lesson. They keep saying I should go on X Factor but I don’t think so! My audience is my customers.

"I sing anything and everything, from The Cure to Elvis. When I’m singing Friday I’m in Love by The Cure I look at the customer and one of them said to me, 'They say that’s what you are – the cure!'

“My customers make a point about telling me they’d rather be in a queue so they can speak to me. It’s nice to get that kind of feedback.”