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Asda's donations help local group tackling food poverty and social isolation

December 14, 2018 12:52 PM

Our Ellesmere Port and Queensferry stores are taking part in a new trial to give local foodbanks and community groups good quality food that would otherwise go to waste.

The Port Grocery are just one of the community organisations to benefit from the trial. They collect all the tins and packets that can’t be sold, either because the packaging is damaged or because they’ve gone past their best before date. The organisation uses the food to make free meals for around 250 people at their Wednesday Welcome lunch club at Trinity Methodist Church and to pass on to members of their social supermarket.

Jenni Moss from The Port Grocery said: "We set up the community lunches to tackle food and fuel poverty but we've found we're tackling things like social isolation as well. For some people it's the only thing they leave the house for. In addition to hot meals, we also give away surplus food from the shop and any clothing that gets donated.

"We also give extra food to the foodbank, such as bread, fruit and veg. We've always wanted to partner with Asda, and we're so pleased to have their support. We're looking forward to an incredible partnership and to helping the store reduce its food waste.

"It's astonishing seeing all the food coming in and it's such good quality as well."

Alan Thomas, deputy manager at our Ellesmere Port store, said: "I'm made up with it – I think it's a great idea. We donate as much as we can."

The community shop is membership-based and is open to anyone. People pay £4 each and they can choose between £16 and £20 worth of food each. It serves 450 people each week, using food that would otherwise have gone to waste.