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Christmas treat for Asda Strabane's 'biggest fan' Matthew

December 19, 2018 11:29am
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Eight-year-old Matthew Devine helps his mum Hayley with the shopping at our Strabane store every week – so when he told colleagues at the store he’d love to work there when he’s older they arranged a behind-the-scenes tour for him.

Asda Strabane fan Matthew Devine

Matthew, who has Down's Syndrome, was given his own name badge and had a go on the tills.

Hayley said: "Matthew loves coming with me to Asda as all of the colleagues make us feel so welcome. They have watched my son grow up over the years, from the security colleagues who welcome us on arrival to Nichola at the checkout, who allows Matthew to help her scan through my groceries.

Matthew Devine loves shopping at Asda Strabane
Matthew's all smiles at Nichola's checkout

“Asda Strabane has also supported my family and the local community in a wider sense. When Matthew was born, I struggled to find a local Down's Syndrome support group – and ended up setting one up. By allowing our group to raise funds in store, Asda Strabane plays an important role in supporting the 25 families who now make up our network.

“A special thank you to all of the colleagues at Asda Strabane who make us feel so at home on every visit. My son couldn’t have been more excited to get dressed-up and see all his friends in the store. Matthew really is Asda’s biggest fan!”

Asda Strabane  fan Matthew Devine
Matthew loves scanning the shopping at Nichola's till

The store's community champion, Matthew Tracey, who arranged Matthew’s visit and works closely with Hayley’s group, Strabane Down Syndrome Support Group, said everyone at the store looked forward to Hayley and Matthew's regular visits and that he was delighted to be able to help arrange Matthew's tour.

Asda Strabane super fan Matthew Devine
Colleagues look forward to Matthew's weekly visits with Hayley

He said: “Matthew is like a ray of sunshine every time he comes in the store. We love to see Matthew and Hayley arrive for their weekly shop – and I was especially excited to organise a special visit to the store ahead of Christmas.

“I am also delighted that through my role as a community champion I can help Hayley raise funds for the work her Down's Syndrome support group carries out in the local community. It's an invaluable resource for families to come together to share experiences and enjoy spending time together.

“We would like to wish Matthew a Merry Christmas from everyone at Asda Strabane – he’s our very own little Christmas star!”

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