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Little Lily loves her afternoon helping the George team at Asda Havant

January 11, 2019 03:13pm
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Five-year-old Lily Broom loves joining her mum Lissie on her regular shopping trips to our Havant store – so when her school held a careers day she said working at George would be her dream job!

Asda Havant George colleagues with Lily Broom
Lily loved her afternoon with the team

Lissie’s friend Kerry Preston is George section leader at the store, so arranged for Lily to have a work top and name badge to wear to school and invited her in for an afternoon helping at the store’s George department.

Lissie said: "Lily's school – Beacon View Primary – asked the children to come in dressed up as whatever they wanted to be when they were older.

Lily and mum Lissie
Lily and Lissie are regulars in the store

"She said she wanted to work at Asda, in the George team, like my friend Kerry. So I contacted Kerry and asked if I could borrow a small George T-shirt for her to wear.

"Kerry agreed and also got her a name badge, lanyard and said she could come in to meet the team and find out more about what everyone does.

"When Lily got home from school that day I asked her how it went. Apparently lots of children wanted to be footballers, so they all went up in a big group, and lots wanted to be dancers, or doctors or nurses, and they all got up together too.

"She was the only one who wanted to work for Asda, so she got up on her own! She was chuffed to bits with that – I think she liked being different to the others.

Lily Broom
Lily before going to school on her careers day

"Later that day, I took her into the store. She helped tidy up, met the team and the store manager. Lily loved it – she thought it was the best thing ever.

"Everybody was amazing with her. She's a very happy, friendly little girl and is used to meeting people.

"I think she genuinely thought she was working a shift. She got up the next day and wanted to go back!"

Kerry said: "Lissie is a family friend and when she comes in, Lily always says she wants to work with me on George.

"Lissie then mentioned to me they were having a careers day at her school, and Lily was adamant she wanted to work in George. So, we got her a George shirt, name badge and lanyard, and she came in after school.

"We showed her round the department and showed her what we all do. She really liked it – she was beaming. It was lovely."

Asda Havant store manager Steve with Lily
Steve said Lily is really passionate about working for Asda when she's older

Store manager Steve Matthews said: "It was lovely to meet Lily and her mum. She really is very passionate about working for Asda when she grows up, and apparently since she mentioned that she'd had a tour of the store lots of her classmates now want to work for Asda too!"

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