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Friendly staff at Asda Breck Road make it one of the nicest places to shop in Liverpool

January 29, 2019 03:01 PM

Asda Breck Road been named as one of the friendliest stores in Liverpool – "not just a supermarket, more of a family/community place to enjoy going to shop".

It was the only large shop included in the Liverpool Echo's article on readers' favourite shopkeepers and workers.

Asda customer Paul Campbell told the Echo: "Asda Breck Road staff. Smiles, laughter and banter when you go to shop. Not just a supermarket, more of a family/community place to enjoy going to shop. They do it like it used to be years ago with customers and staff enjoying a laugh together."

Store manager Christian Falk says everyone at the store takes great pride in the friendly welcome they offer to all customers, so he's delighted to see it recognised in the survey.

He said: "Everyone likes to celebrate good news at this store, so lots of people have been talking about it. We’re chuffed to bits and particularly proud as every other shop on the list is a local convenience store, and some of them are from the other side of the water in the Wirral.

“Asda Breck Road is like a really big corner shop where you get served by someone who knows you and cares about you – but it's in a 40,000 square foot store where you can buy whatever you need.

“I've worked for Asda for 28 years and in this store twice now as store manager and there's something so special about this place. I'm originally from Harrogate and we wouldn't know every single one of our customers there in the way that our colleagues do here.

"The store is the epicentre of the local community. They all know each other because they're neighbours, friends and family.

"Nobody hides from recognising that this is a deprived area, and everybody here – whether colleagues or customers – stands side by side with each other in times of trouble and celebrates one another’s successes."

The store’s community champion Liz McCreery joined the store when she moved to Liverpool in October – and she says she’s been so touched by the friendly welcome she’s been given and the strong sense of community spirit in the area around the store.

Liz said: “All the colleagues here are so great and I just knew straight away that this was the place for me. It's such a good atmosphere and perhaps different to what you get elsewhere. It's very friendly familiar, as colleagues here know so many of the customers by name. There’s always great banter here and everything is done with a smile and good humour.

“What’s so nice about the Echo’s story is that it was based on a customer's comment, not someone here blowing our own trumpet.”

Liz works closely with local schools, charities and good causes as part of the Asda Community programme, volunteering her time and helping with fundraising through our charitable arm, the Asda Foundation.

She said: “I’m loving getting to know the local community. If there’s a local charity or good cause who’d like to find out more about how we might be able to help them they can ask for me in the store and I’ll be happy to help however I can.”